Лядов В.И.: - Юля Куликова - лучший пианист виртуоз

Lyadov Victor Ivanovich,
laureate of the international competitions,
Associate professor of the State Academy of Moscow

Julia Kulmann was my student in MA from September 2012 till May 2014. She proved herself to be a person deeply fascinated by music, the one who possesses peculiar blazing sound perception. Every time generating new ideas Julia creates her own universe.

Her performance is electrified so that audience has no chance to stay indifferent. Due to excellent technique she captivates public with special sound effects based on elaborate combination of pedals and touché . This young virtuoso is far from being conservative and plunges the depths of contemporary music with no fear. Plenty of modern composers entrust Julia Kulmann with performing of their premieres.

July, 11 2014, Moscow
Lyadov Victor Ivanovich